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Blackberry Q1 sales figures are out… and they’re not great

By Rodney - March 28, 2013 0

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Update: Competition closed, winner notified. Did you win?

So… remember how a little while ago we reported that Blackberry sold about a million units to a single, mysterious buyer? Well their Q1 sales figures are starting to come out now out (via a shareholder conference call with CEO Thorstein Heins) and Blackberry is proud to announce they’ve sold… about a million units of their new BB10 series.

Now, let’s be 100% clear about this – these are not the final sales figures for the period, however they’re pretty close to what we can expect to see and if they had any rabbits in their hat, then this call would have been the time to pull them out: so don’t expect any forthcoming great news for Blackberry shareholders. Essentially, whichever way you slice it, once you take out that single and secretive sale, Blackberry’s sales for the period look positively disastrous.

In something of an additional blow for the latest challenger in the mobile platform market, Blackberry actually sold five times as many of their older phones in the same period as they did BB10 devices, with about 5 million Blackberry 7 devices shipping in the same quarter.

Compounding matters, Blackberry saw their user base drop by almost 4%, from about 79 million to 76 million, so, thus far at least, Blackberry 10 has failed to stem the bleeding. Worse still, during the call it was announced that Vice Chair of the company and co-founder, Mike Lazaridis, will completely resign from the organisation, with his last day being May the 1st, 2013

It’s not all doom and gloom for Blackberry, however, as they’re finally now running at a profit ($94 million profit on $2.7 billion in revenue). The downside to this, however is that it’s effectively due to one off, massive spending cuts and restructuring and not additional revenue.

WIth results like these, Blackberry is going to need to turn things around soon or they’re going to run out of time. As it stands, Blackberry is now losing 33,000 users every single day.


Rodney's comes from a background of enterprise systems integration and now runs a cloud computing company. He has a love of all things Android and open and loves it when technology makes us amazed or excited.

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