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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Doesn’t Use Android: Does Use Blackberry

By Mike O - March 23, 2013 3

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This is…wow. As the Chairman of the company responsible for the biggest mobile operating system on the planet, an argument could be made that you have an obligation to actually use the company product. Imagine Tim Cook using Windows Phone, or Steve Balmer using Android. It’s not a good look, is it?

On the other hand, and I’ve debated this with many before, I always say use what ever hardware or software combination makes you the most productive regardless. Schmidt, despite no doubt having had (at least a little) hands on experience with many Android devices over the years still won’t give up his Blackberry.

His excuse reason? He likes a physical keyboard. I hear you, Eric. I too miss the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard (Motorola Droid series), but sadly the choices are limited to a few in the Android ecosystem these days. There’s the respectable LG MACH which runs on Android 4.0, or the older Motorola Droids 3 and 4 while admittedly running older versions of Android would still be leaps and bounds ahead of the old Blackberry.

That being said, the lure of a physical qwerty on older software and hardware surely isn’t strong enough to forgo all the benefits that come with partaking in the modern Android software ecosystem, and perhaps Schmidt will change his mind one day when his Blackberry OS becomes too deprecated, though I suspect it is already.

At least he’s got a Google sticker on that thing.

Mike O

Michael is the founder of Android Analyse, a veteran web designer/developer & Android enthusiast. He loves designing and building mobile web interfaces and messing around with code for fun. How geek is that? For his daily drivers Mike O uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Google Nexus 7.

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  1. 92 Jason G

    mind blown. surely Mr Schmidt could just order up an android phone with a keyboard…

    in fact, there’s this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_ChaCha

    I remember when the chacha came out I thought ” oh look, it’s an android in crackberry clothing”

  2. Rodney 130 Rodney

    Yeah it’s a bad look, alright.

    I have to say, whenever there’s a bad story about Google in the press, he’s involved in it. He doesn’t really strike me as 100% onboard with the original Google “engineer ethos” and “do no evil” – he was hired as “the adult” or the suit to come in and run the place like a big boy and I think that’s exactly where he’s coming from.

    Showing that he can’t adapt to new technology and sticks with older things tells me he’s not the guy I want in charge of Google. I do get that the CEO doesn’t have to be a true technologist but in places like Google it galls that he’s not.

  3. 92 Jason G

    Of course the new blackberry has a VM for Android apps build in… Maybe Schmidt has just been hanging out till he could have a Googleberry?

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