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Google Keep Wants to Be Your Second Brain

By Yousuf Haque - March 21, 2013 9

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Google Keep

Google just released it’s note taking app: Google Keep. Most people immediately tried to compare it to Evernote (and noticed that it pales in comparison as a note taking only app) but they don’t realize that it’s not meant to take on Evernote. Google Keep wants to glue all of your Google Apps together.

Many people use Google apps such as Drive or Calendar however to use these products together isn’t as easy as you’d think it is. Google is trying to unify the app ecosystem by using a seemingly irrelevant note taking app.

Keep’s power may not be readily apparent, but it lies in what might be future syncing capabilities with the rest of Google’s Apps. If Google implements across the board syncing (which I think they definitely will) Keep could sync with Calendar, Drive, Shopping, Wallet, Tasks, Gmail, Picasa and more.

Making a list in Keep could automatically place it in your tasks, or writing notes during your meeting can automatically place them in your Drive folders accordingly. Google Now’s assistant like features can further be enhanced by Keep’s repository of things that you want to keep track of. Everything would be done automatically if you simply just write a note of it. Keep will take care of everything.

With Keep, Google is providing a way to use all of your Google apps in unison with each other creating a seamless workflow between your phone, tablet, and computer all without third party applications. Android is known for it’s flexibility through third party applications, but the growing number (and interoperability) of native Google Apps will greatly increase the appeal of Android for people who may not want to sit down and tinker with their phone to make everything work perfectly.

Yousuf Haque
Yousuf Haque

Yousuf is a student at Stony Brook University in New York, USA. He is studying computer science and has a keen interest in user experience and interaction design. Most of his time is spent coding and designing apps, however he spends his free time convincing literally everyone that anything you can do, Android can do it better. For his daily drivers Yousuf Haque uses a HTC Evo 4G LTE and a Google Nexus 10.

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  1. 111 Mike O

    I’ve already integrated it into my daily workflow. Goodbye Evernote and Trello.

  2. I’ve never really had any need to use a note-taking app, but since it’s by Google I know I’ll love it.

  3. 97 Jason G

    never ever-note again. Actually i dislike evernote, because it’s too heavy for the function I want from it. keep however is now my daily driver for note.

  4. Pretty cool integration with Android already. Saying ‘Note to self…’ in Google Now makes a note in Keep.

  5. 111 Mike O

    Google should release an evernote import tool to make the transition easier. I spent about an hour yesterday manually copying all my notes into Keep.

    • Yousuf Haque 7 Yousuf Haque

      In addition to that, a notion of notebooks for organization would be really nice.
      Also importing images through url’s and web page clippings like evernote would be awesome

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