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HTC Droid DNA announced: best phone display ever?

By Rodney - November 14, 2012 6

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HTC have announced their latest high end smart phone and it’s certainly impressive. The device appears to be well placed to take on the likes of the Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 4.

With its 5″ screen, the device is certainly quite large but it’s not the size of the screen that’s grabbing attention – it’s the unbelievably high resolution it offers. At full 1080p (1920×1080), the phone comes in with an incredible 440ppi (the Nexus 10 offers 300ppi and that was considered the best screen around, just a few weeks ago).

How good is this really? Let’s take a look at this image from Gizmodo. You can clearly see the Droid DNA has the sharpest screen at ultra-close range, however it must be noted that Gizmodo wasn’t happy with the colour calibration of the device.

Comparison of Displays

Comparison of Displays

In terms of specs, this device is top notch. We’re talking:

  • 4G / LTE connectivity.
  • Damage / water resistance.
  • 5″, unbelievably high res screen.
  • Quad Core, 1.5GHz Snapdragon Pro CPU.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 16GB of internal storage.
  • 8 megapixel camera.
  • Android Jellybean 4.1

Being an HTC device, the phone will ship with HTC Sense, which is liked by some and of course, not by others.

The phone certainly shows there’s still signs of life over at HTC and, now they can be sure Apple isn’t going to try to stop its sale, they can at least rest assured the US market is open for their business.

Time will have to tell if the screen’s stunning quality is enough to tempt users away from the native Android experience of the Nexus 4 or the mass market popularity of the Galaxy SIII, as in all reality, none of the other features are particularly stand out (good certainly, but not noticeably better than the competition).

If you’re looking for a new high end Android, right now, then on paper at least, the Droid DNA appears to have the goods and would be well worth checking out.

As always, however, something better will probably come out in a few weeks.


Rodney's comes from a background of enterprise systems integration and now runs a cloud computing company. He has a love of all things Android and open and loves it when technology makes us amazed or excited.

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  1. 100 Jason G

    And now the everyday 5″ phones come into play for the larger-handed people (like myself)., I always thought 5″ would be the tipping point for me from “yep, bigger screen would still be ok” to “No thanks, bigger would be cumbersome”. I think next year, I’ll get to find out for sure.

    • 133 Rodney

      They’re certainly getting better at it. My 4.8″ S3 is barely bigger than my old s2. This 5″ DNA is barely bigger than that.

  2. 112 Mike O

    I love the Galaxy S3 screen size, but I find one handed operation to be difficult sometimes. Usually the lower part of my thumb near my palm touches the screen. Never had this problem with the (slightly) smaller S2. But I’m getting used to using ‘over-exaggerated’ gestures when operating single handed.

    I still won’t go back to anything smaller though.

    • Rodney 133 Rodney

      Dude…. 3.5″ is the perfect size for a screen. Anything else is too big. No actually wait… now it’s 4″.

      5″ is too big until Apple says it’s the perfect size at which time it becomes revolutionary and magical. Right now it’s still mundane and..um.. non-magical I suppose?

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