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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Be Quad-Core in UK, Not Octo-Core

By Sam Johnson - March 21, 2013 0

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Samsung have marketed the Galaxy S4 primarily based on it’s software features, like ‘Smart Scroll’, but in terms of hardware, there has been quite a lot of hype surrounding Octo-Core Exynos 5 processor. As it turns out, only a select few countries will receive the eight core device, with everywhere else having to make do with four.

That might be quite disappointing for some, but you should still keep in mind that a quad-core processor is still extremely advanced, especially as it is a Snapdragon, the same as in the lightning fast HTC One. You might not even be able to tell the difference, but it does mean that you won’t be able to brag to your friends about having an eight core processor in your phone.

It’s still unclear as to which countries will be supplied with which device, but Samsung have confirmed that the UK will be getting the quad-core version.

Sam Johnson

Sam is a recently finished student who has a passion for all things technology, specifically everything Google. He owns a HTC Desire S running Android 4.2.2 for testing, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as his daily driver and a Samsung Chromebook, for doing the few tasks a Note 2 can't. His spare time is taken up with Geeks Have Landed and The Blocc, two small technology blogs which he founded in 2012. For his daily driver Sam Johnson uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

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0 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S4 To Be Quad-Core in UK, Not Octo-Core”

  1. Rodney says: 173

    Looks like AUstralia is getting Quad Core, too:

    However, Aussies can still get 8-core via mobicity:

    specs show the 8-core processor version is what they’re selling – which is the Hong Kong edition (Mobicity usually sells the HK edition of phones).

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