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Shit Android users say

By Mike O - October 24, 2012 9

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Chrome for Android may be getting data compression by proxy

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Judge halves Samsung losses to Apple and pushes for a retrial

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Samsung releases new advert for UNPACKED 2013

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Telstra pushes out 4.1.2 update for ‘other’ Galaxy S3 owners

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Popular app Evernote compromised

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That little green icon and what it all means

Shit Android users say

Okay, so the “Shit X says” meme has long passed it’s used by date, but a new one has surfaced that pokes fun at us innocent Android folks. Speaking personally I’m guilty of nearly everything this guy says in the video and I’m sure a lot of our Android comrades are as well. C’mon, admit it.

For the record I do think it crazy hilarious. Have fun with it.

Mike O

Michael is the founder of Android Analyse, a veteran web designer/developer & Android enthusiast. He loves designing and building mobile web interfaces and messing around with code for fun. How geek is that? For his daily drivers Mike O uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Google Nexus 7.

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  1. Mark D 1 Mark D

    Dude check out my rom!! Yeah that’s pretty much us.

  2. 2 Andrew

    I brag about my android to my wife, she uses my maps if we have to find a place, maps on her iPhone crap.

  3. I have to say that’s pretty funny, I’ve caught myself saying some of those things as well lol

  4. 96 Mike O

    “Customis-ation” – win.

  5. Its all about the widgets+1
    Apple is going down+1


  6. Kelli 18 Kelli

    Every android person I’ve known including me.

  7. 76 Jason G

    I lol’d

    “It’s a standard micro USB cable”… like 1 million times.

  8. 96 Mike O

    Since getting an S3 I’m constantly doing the “If only you had NFC” now :-P

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