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Website Changelog


  • Major overhaul of the responsive menu.


  • Added Facebook open graph meta properties.
  • Added latest poll page.
  • Add comments section to the poll page.
  • Updated poll archives page design.
  • Added latest poll into the menu for mobile devices.
  • Fixed login form positioning bug for mobile devices.
  • Fixed social sharing button overflow bug for mobile devices.
  • Fixed sticky bar jump positioning bug on mobile devices.
  • Fixed clear bug on ‘subscribe to comments’ text.
  • Fixed author page URL to use the author name instead of ID.
  • Created About Android Analyse page.
  • Miscellaneous presentation tweaks.


  • Users can now subscribe to and un-subscribe from follow-up comments.
  • Small update to the Privacy Policy.
  • Updated the Write for us form.
  • Added 4th level for nested comments.
  • Added high resolution favicons.


  • Forced sticky bar to hide when comment input is in focus (to solve problem of mobile browser zooming into field and getting lost below the sticky bar).
  • Fixed missing options from the search filter.
  • Media query optimisations.
  • Added ability for registered users to upload/change their avatar.
  • Added ability for registered users to specify their daily drivers.
  • Removed the ‘currently awesome’ feature box.
  • Added background image to top banner.
  • Created poll archives page.
  • Changed Facebook ‘like’ verb to ‘recommend’.
  • Changed layout of edit user profile page.
  • Added icon for Youtube channel into the sticky bar.
  • Added comment count next to each commenters’ name in the comment threads.
  • Search results page now shows number of results and pagination with 20 per page.
  • Added ‘discussion’ to main nav on mobile devices for ‘heated discussion’ and ‘recent discussion’ topics.
  • Adsense adverts added.


  • Media query optimisations.
  • Removed Reddit share button.
  • Rebuilt the primary navigation for mobile devices (portrait mode only).
  • Removed the search field animation.
  • Swapped out deprecated logo from footer.
  • Fixed spacing issue of social media buttons on mobile devices in portrait mode.


  • Removed Digg share button.
  • Changed homepage post image design.
  • Added author bios.
  • Added ‘write for us’ banner and associated page.
  • Limited Top Conversationalists to past seven day range.
  • Added social networking sticky bar.
  • Media query optimisations.
  • Added ‘recent discussion’ to sidebar.
  • Created tab interface for swapping between ‘heated discussion’ and ‘recent discussion’ in sidebar.
  • Removed slogan from top logo.


  • Renamed some primary navigation items for better clarity.
  • Formatted feeds.
  • Moved logout button to more suitable location.
  • Added slogan to top logo.


  • Launched website on 11th August 2012.

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